Since its founding in 2012, Westward Leaning has grown to be one of the world's leading independent sunglasses brands.

According to the New York Times, our brand is “best known known for its glitzy mirrored lenses” and “its steadfast commitment to offering a limited selection of universally-flattering, unisex, perfected frame shapes.”

We have a cult following of stylemakers around the world, and are a favorite of celebrities— People magazine called us “Hollywood’s hottest shades.”

Our iconic “rhombus” unique material that we inlay in a slanted parallelogram groove on the temples of all our sunglasses is made from materials as diverse as antler, wood, reflective neon polymers, and anodized aluminums. The signature side inlay, in our brand’s sideways-slanting shape, has become the identifying feature of all our products.


Every unique material we use for the signature side inlay is carefully selected not only for its aesthetics, but for what it represents: each of our sunglasses were inspired by a particular human achievement, and we try to reflect those achievements and an awareness of social issues in our designs. For us, a great product is as beautiful as it is meaningful.


We have never designed a gendered product, and we market the same sunglasses to all age groups and ethnicities. We want everyone and anyone to love our sunglasses: whether you're a grandpa or a teenage girl, you should be able to put on a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses and feel cool.

We believe in a more democratic form of fashion—one that is not dictated top-down-- and draw inspiration from our customers around the world.