SKI 01

Frame Specifications

Double Black Diamond: SKI 01 features a matte black frame and strap with interchangeable lenses in silver mirror and orange performance tint.

Frame Color:  Matte Black
Strap:  Black with White Embroidery
Interchangeable Lenses:  Silver Mirror and Orange Performance Tint


A Westward Leaning winter: We set out to create the most luxurious ski goggle imaginable. SKI features a matte black frame and durable strap embroidered with the W\L sport logo, with non-slip silicone coating on the inside. The interior gasket features an ultra-soft and warm fleece finish. Each pair of SKI goggles comes with two dual-pane interchangeable lenses: Silver mirror for super sunny days; and orange performance tint, the coloring of which is specifically designed to enhance contrast of any obstacles on the slopes. Swapping out lenses is fast and easy with our lens lock technology. Both lenses are dual pane-- meaning there is a layer of air sandwiched between the inner and out lens, ensuring they won’t fog, no matter the conditions.

No compromises: We’ve created the world’s first fully-functional sport/fashion eyewear line: all of the style, quality, and fashion-cred you would expect from Westward Leaning, and the best performance features available. On the slopes, you’ll look stunning in Westward Leaning Sport. How refreshing.

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