About Us


The idea was simple enough. Design sunglasses that are greater than the sum of their parts; to look beyond the status quo and into a future where socially conscious eyewear that universally fits and flatters is the standard, not the exception. What the fashion industry might consider a fantasy, Westward Leaning considered an inevitability.


Initially, founder Robert Denning sought to develop a singular, highly-refined wayfarer that would serve as not only the company’s flagship frame shape, but also as a vehicle upon which Westward Leaning’s core message may be carried — a genuine and inclusive celebration of human achievement and compassion. It was in this spirit that its first frame, Pioneer 01, and the signature rhombus inlay were born. This fusion of frame shape and material would allow Westward Leaning to wrap authentic, socially minded stories into an uncompromising and luxurious product.


While an immersive shopping experience and unique storytelling play an important role in Westward Leaning’s ability to communicate this intention, it is the signature rhombus inlay that stands alone as a physical celebration of these moments of cultural significance. By incorporating distinct inlays into each pair of glasses, Westward Leaning has created truly one-of-a-kind eyewear that carries with it a narrative that is every bit as rich and detailed as that of its wearer. Redwood, sea glass, marble and gold are just some of the unique materials that have graced the temples of Westward Leaning customers to date and while each has conveyed its individual story, all have sustained a singular note of reminder: the material is the message.


Drawing inspiration from such eclectic sources as Greek gods, Galileo, deep space exploration and disco, every pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses is a thoughtfully crafted homage to human creativity, ingenuity, innovation and individuality. These concepts are brought to life using the world’s finest materials and expert craftsmanship, leading to statement-making combinations of shape, color, and finish. Permutations therein have in turn led to an altogether unforeseen revolution in personal style and self expression.





Whether its through the expansion of its frame customization tool or its own collection of universally flattering, unisex sunglasses, Westward Leaning continues to seek means by which it may liberate customers from the monotony of the mass produced.