Beautifully packaged, hand-wrapped, and presented in a stunning mirrored box, the Custom Gift Card is quite possibly the most beautifully presented gift you'll give or receive this year. Choose from a classic black bow, or have yourself a neon holiday with fluorescent red or yellow gross grain ribbon-- no matter your selection, you can expect the same thoughtfulness and attention to detail emblematic of the Westward Leaning brand to be pervasive throughout the Gift Card (we even matched the Sharpies and notecards and gift code labels to the neon ribbon!). Please choose your preferred gift wrap, or the electronic version if you prefer-- either way, we'll email you the gift code in a beautiful email you are welcome to forward to the recipient of your choice.

Since the Custom product is priced according to its components, we struggled over how to price the Custom Gift Card-- we felt strongly recipients of the Gift Card should be unencumbered by price in their creative decisions. Which is why, in the end, we decided to be charitable: for a limited time only, the Gift Card is available for $225, with a code that is redeemable for any combination of components, regardless of the price. And if the combination selected comes in below $225, we'll donate the difference to charity. Happy Holidays, and may your future be bright.