Flower 13 - Olivia Palermo x WL

Flower 13 - Olivia Palermo x WL


SHAPE Flower
FRAME Sand Tortoise Matte
WIRE Black Matte
LENS Rose Gold

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Flower (Power!) was inspired by 1967’s Summer of Love, a social phenomenon that originated in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. The mixed materials and strong colors reference the melting pot of cultures and people that became a hallmark of the counterculture movement. With flowers in their hair, the hippie generation affected a monumental shift in global attitudes, from free love to gender equality; we celebrate their legacy with our flower frame.


This collection, our second collaboration with international style icon Olivia Palermo, spotlights the rich textures and subtle hues of our rose gold lens. These frames are also characterized by the boldness and iconoclasm of the unique materials used as side inlays in the frame’s temple. Manufactured from naturally-sourced granites, marbles and semi-precious stones, these avant-garde materials were hand-picked by Olivia and Robert Denning, Westward Leaning’s co-founder and Creative Director.