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394 protected areas, 84 million acres, and 275 million visitors every year -- no wonder the US National Parks Service has been called "America's Best Idea." Although Ulysses S. Grant created the first park (Yellowstone), and Woodrow Wilson established the National Park Service, no president is more closely tied with conserving America's natural beauty than Theodore Roosevelt. Today, more National Park units are dedicated to Roosevelt's life and memory than any other American. This model honors American conservation and the man who was its biggest advocate.


This model features antler from the National Elk Refuge, located in Wyoming, which was created in 1912 to provide sanctuary to the largest elk herd on Earth. Elk shed their antlers naturally every spring -- don't worry, nothing died to make these sunglasses! Since 1950, the Boy Scouts of America have been collecting antlers from the refuge and selling them at auction, with the agreement that 80% of the proceeds go to the care, research, and management of this herd, helping to ensure its survival. 

Huge racks of antlers are sent to our office, and each piece of antler is hand-cut, sanded, and inlaid into the frame by hand. 


For every pair of sunglasses sold, we donate $10 to the National Parks Conservation Association, which helps educate Americans about the national parks and also funds research and science to better protect and study this amazing national resource.