Black Anodized Aluminum

Two-Tone Frame


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In honor of our retail partnership with Barneys New York, we designed these sunglasses exclusively for Barneys. This model is available online through our website and, as well as at fifteen Barneys locations nationwide. For more information, please visit our stores page.


This model features our new sand tortoise acetate. Part of the Mercury Seven family, it is an eye-catching, on-trend addition to the space exploration-inspired lineup.

Humans have always dreamt of going into space, and in 1959, NASA selected seven astronauts to do just that. Known as the Mercury Seven, this group of friends was America's first astronauts. In 1962, a member of this elite team became the first American to orbit the Earth. His name was John Glenn, and his spacecraft was named, fittingly, Friendship 7.

In addition to our new sand tortoise acetate, this model features black anodized aluminum, which has long held a central role in human exploration of the cosmos. The Soviets used it to build Sputnik, and the Americans used it to build the tiny lunar module Eagle (which ferried the Apollo astronauts to the moon). But it was the Mercury Seven astronauts who used it to make a fashion statement: their iconic, reflective spacesuits were made from aluminum-coated nylon.


For every pair of sunglasses sold, we donate $10 to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), whose mission is to make excellence in science education a reality for all students.