fashion month: September 2016

The NEw Dyad

In the run-up to fashion month, we're offering street style heroes and fashion's top influencers exclusive early access to the newest editions of our Dyad frame: Dyad "Zero" and Dyad "S-Class". Both styles are available via request only; please contact Wetherly Fashion Group for inquiries.

DYAD ZERO is available in three colorways, and features our zero base lenses fully-integrated into the frame. The effect is stunning-- a flash of bold mirror, but gone in an instant.

DYAD S-CLASS is a bold new design: navy-tinted lenses and a clip-on lens in Horizon Green both come standard, and there are a total of five additional clips available in totally new 2-base neon colors. The Horizon line of the standard clip has been uniquely adjusted to "lean west"-- a design element made possible through our proprietary edging process, and an element we have never seen before in the eyewear world. 

Both styles are available only by request in the run-up to fashion month.

Dyad Zero

Dyad 0.1

Lens: Zero Chrome

Frame: Classic Tortoise Shiny


Dyad 0.2

Lens: Zero Gold

Frame: Pepper Tortoise Shiny


Dyad 0.3

Lens: Zero Midnight

Frame: Platinum Shiny