Summer 16


WESTWARD LEANING SUNGLASSES ARE METICULOUSLY DESIGNED to be the best in the world: flattering on Every face and handmade to exacting standards. 


We believe in a new type of fashion: de-gendered, age-indiscriminate, multi-sized, multi-shaped, multi-ethnic. There is no idealized or "typical" Westward-Leaning customer. We never even gender-segregated our products, and plan never to do so: we love the fact our neon pink lenses are legitimately as popular with grandfathers as with their granddaughters. They were always meant to be that way. We went into the sunglasses industry in part because we wanted to make a fashion product that everyone could wear and love. We love the diverse audience the sunglasses category offers, and are so proud to serve every imaginable demographic cohort.

Since our founding, we have intentionally designed our frames to flatter and delight everyone and anyone with a "one frame to rule them all" philosophy: shapes conceived of and refined to be the most universally-flattering on the greatest number of people. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, you should be able to put on a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses anywhere in the world and know you'll look and feel cooler than before.